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About Us

DevOpsRed is a team of expert technology practitioners who live and breath automation, security and cloud. We're bug bounty slayers who focus on the entire software lifecycle providing custom SIEM's, automated security testing and secure CI/CD pipelines.
We focus on the uplift so you can focus on your customers.


What We Do

We work alongside your team in designing and deploying the best in class custom solutions delivering repeatable value where it matters most.
We architect your requirements around existing business values, deploying compliant applications and infrastructure giving you actionable telemetry and proactive defence against the dark arts A.K.A large threat landscapes.


We believe Infrastructure, like applications, should be immutable and repeatable via code to ensure that you get continuous integration and delivery taken care of from the outset.
Ensuring security and compliance is at the forefront of any automated solution is our speciality, no matter the size of the project or the budget of our client.
Trust us to get your scalable secure software to market faster.


For over a decade DevOpsRed's consultants have been at the helm of major Cloud automation and innovation rollouts,
allow us to help guide you through the strain of complex, compliant cloud architectures and see why we are able to attain complex compliance from another of governing bodies such as APRA, NIST, SOC, ISO and more.
From bare metal datacentre migrations to fine-tuning existing cloud pipelines, we are with you every step of the way to ensure risk mitigation and cost reduction are paramount to your business requirements and innovation.


We are well versed in offensive security and blue team defence modelling, we work with you to adapt and improve your existing in-house security and compliance holistically without the hard sell or need for expensive third-party Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems.
DevOpsRed is not, nor will it ever be, beholden to third-parties, we are ethical and transparent and ensure our testing, threat modelling and remediation is actionable to our clients from the get-go.
DevOpsRed is a known force in the CTF and BugBounty world, let us show you how to deploy and defend with low-cost low-friction tools to help you focus on your product roadmap.

Managed Services

We offer a bespoke managed services solutions specialising in achievable architectures to help you with achievable SLA's
We are agnostic and embrace the best “fit” tool for the job at all levels of our engagement
With our combined industry knowledge we can mentor and empower your teams to embrace a fully agile and collaborative mindset capable of scaling out your architecture harmoniously with immutable, scalable platforms and pipelines.

Our Values

Our Vision.

To enable our clients to bring their product to market fast, scalable and secure manner.
We aim to increase meaningful productivity, harness a collaborative culture and assist in the reduction of overheads and technical dept and an actionable pathway for digital transformation.
Let us help you in understanding how DevSecOps methodologies and technologies can enable your organisation to change your business processes radically and prepare you for futureproofing your workloads.


Get In Touch.

Get in touch for a no bullsh*t discussion about your ideas or stress points, and see how DevOpsRed can help transform concepts to completion during with a free no obligation statement of works.

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